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Who is Andrew from Free Fire | Is it John Wick?

Who is Andrew in Free Fire? is He John Wick?

Who is Andrew from Free Fire | Is it John Wick?

Andrew Character In Free Fire Bio

Gender: Male

Age: 42

Birthday: Dec 25th

Andrew is a character in Free-Fire Battlegrounds and can be attained for free in a Log-In bonus. The ability of Andrew is an Armor Specialist.

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Who is Andrew from Free Fire

It specializes in bulletproof vests and increases the durability of armored vests by reducing the damage they cause.

His coat was his property and he couldn’t count the number of fights he had escaped from.

Level Icon Required Fragments Description

Level 1 Andrew Level 1.png No Reduction Vest durability decreased by 2%

Andrew Level 2.png 100 Sustainability reduced by 4%

Level 3 Andrew Level 3. png 300 Jacket duration loss reduced by 6%

Level 4 Andrew Level 4.png 500 Loss of sustainability from waste 8% reduction

Fifth Level Andrew 5. PNG 700 Open Alternative Police Group

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Level 6 Andrew Level 6.png 1500 Vest durability reduced by 10%

Level 7 Andrew level 7.png 3000 Andrew’s Achievement

Level 8 Andrew Level 8.png 6000 Reduced vest duration loss by 12%

Andrew’s Character Free Fire true story.

Andrew is Kelly’s stepfather and the other person who left him when Kelly was still young. At a time when the city is under attack, a serious opportunity arises for Andrew and he is saved by Olivia. He then joined Olivia and Ford for the Free Fire Royale battle in Bermuda.

Is Andrew a good character in Free Fire?

Awaken Andrew greatly increases the durability of his vest and provides him with the most popular defense technique in Free Fire.

Andrew can provide great support with the durability of the vest, which is also useful for aggressive players in close quarters combat.

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