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How To Record Meeting In Google Meet?

How To Record Meeting In Google Meet?

Recording Google Meet with VMaker’s Free Screen Recorder allows you to capture meeting sessions in HD quality for free. You can record an unlimited number of meeting sessions without a watermark. Moreover, you can also edit your meeting recordings with Vmaker’s free built-in video editor and easily share them with a simple link.

How To Record Meeting In Google Meet?

We’ll explain how to record Google Meet, review what’s been recorded, show you where to find the recording, and then explain the sharing and recording options for attendees.

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Record the meeting as a participant

  1. Install the Vmaker Chrome plugin to attend a Google meeting. To record the screen, select “Screen” mode.
  2. Select “Current Tab” mode to set the recording area and capture the conference tab and system audio. Note that internal audio recording is only available in “Current Tab” mode.
  3. Set the recording resolution and quality to your liking. You can record meetings in the highest 4K HD resolution.
  4. Select the audio source to record. You can record your voice using a computer microphone or an external microphone. Use headphones for better sound quality.
  5. Enable card sound Under Options, click the Settings option and select the Include Tab Audio option to record the internal audio.
  6. Click the Start Recording button to start recording the meeting.
  7. Click the red icon or the Dock button to stop recording. Records will be uploaded to your Vmaker cloud account shortly after the recording is complete.
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How to record videos on Google Meet

1. Start or join a session.

Quick Tip: You can only record on your computer using Google Meet. If you call in the Google Meet app, you’ll get a notification when the recording starts or stops, but you can’t control the recording.

How To Record Meeting In Google Meet?

2. Click the Activities icon in the lower-right corner of the screen, and then tap Recording.

Follow these steps to record a Google Meet event using PowerPoint:

  1. Open the Google Meet event you want to record and view it on your screen.
  2. Open PowerPoint.
  3. Select Blank Presentation.
  4. Click the Insert tab and select Screen Recording.
  5. When your screen goes gray, hold Windows + Shift + F to take a picture of your screen.
  6. Click Save.

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