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How to Make Money with LCredit Loan App – Up to 10k Daily

How to Make Money with LCredit Loan App – Up to 10k Daily

What Is Lcredit Loan App?

With the LCredit Loan App, you can get a loan instantly with a flexible repayment schedule and low-interest rates.

Lcredit does the same with the branch app, with the only difference that you can withdraw your reward directly to your child’s account, unlike that of the branch you will have to request a loan and repay with the reward. Furthermore, no documents or guarantees are required to approve the loan on Lcredit.

How to register for the LCredit loan program

Click here to go to the benefits page, enter the phone number you use to register, confirm and claim your N200 benefits (if possible, use the same phone number provided with your BVN, please check ). You can now download the app, log in and go to the next step.


Please note that it is your decision to use the link above. The only downside to not using referral links is the risk of losing your registration benefits, but that does not mean you can not make money from your application yet.

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Once logged in, go to My Account> Credit Limits. We will provide you with all the details you need. Wait for them to confirm your details before considering transferring cash rewards to your bank account. Your information should be verified within 24 hours.

How to Make Money with LCredit Loan App

During the registration process, make sure to choose 50k as monthly income

  • Tap HERE To Register
  • Enter your phone number and click on receive code.
  • An OTP will be sent to the number, enter it and click on get reward.
  • Once you click on get reward, the button will change to download app. click on it to download the Lcredit app from the play store.
  • Open the app after installation.
  • Login with the number you used to receive the bonus
  • Click on the loan bill button or any pop up till you’re giving a form to fill in your name and other details
  • Enter the data correctly and use your date of birth
  • This is exactly the same as used in BVN.

Don’t worry, your BVN is registered, it can only borrow a loan to complete your registration to borrow loan

  • After filling in the registration details, link your bank account and bank card to the program. N1 will be debited from the card but will be refunded after applying for the loan.
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How to Make Money with LCredit Loan App – Up to 10k Daily

How to Make Money with LCredit Loan App

After linking your debit and credit card, apply for a loan of N1500. In most cases, you will be told that the minimum loan amount you can apply for is N3000; If you belong to this group, apply, but try N1500 first. So don’t borrow more than N3000.

Please wait for your account to be credited. Remember that fees will be deducted and you are responsible for the full amount. For example, if you apply for a loan of ₦1500, the LCredit loan application will return ₦1185 or in some cases ₦1500.

After confirming the refund, you will receive a 1000% cash coupon to deposit directly into your bank account.

How to get Earn on Referral – N4000 

This is the main way you can use to collect money and make as much money as possible with the lcredit loan app. The lcredit app compensates for a huge amount of N2000 every time someone signs up for your link.

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However, your referrer must sign up for your link and your request was successfully checked out before you received your N4000 cash voucher.

How to Make Money with LCredit Loan App

To invite other users to lcredit and receive her recommended N4000, open the app, click the Invite Friends button, copy the special invitation link and share it with your friends. Those who participate in the app will automatically become contacts and receive N4000 which can be withdrawn as soon as they can apply for a loan.



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