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How to Earn Free Airtime on Jiji (N5,000) Airtime

How to Earn Free Airtime on Jiji (N5,000) Airtime

This guide will show you how to easily get free airtime in Nigeria from Jiji. All you have to do is install the Jiji program and perform a simple task. We will show you how to do this here.

It is the same as any other app promotion which rewards users for downloading and showcasing their apps. So if you can download the app from the promo link shared on this page and then sign up to verify your phone number, Jiji will give you the N100 for free. Keep in mind that Branch App, Chippercash, and Palmpay Palm Credit are still paid. You can also check them out.

About the Jiji App

Jiji is an African online marketplace that offers buyers and sellers the opportunity to meet and exchange goods and services. And you can earn free airtime through their referral program. Just follow the steps below.

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To increase the number of registered users of the app to provide a large community between buyers and sellers, Jiji will offer free airtime to both existing and new users, as a registration bonus for all users. We provide free N100 worth of airtime. See your download and subscribe to the app.

How to Earn Free Airtime on Jiji (N5,000) Airtime

Click here to download and install the Jiji app.

Tap on the profile icon as shown below

How to Earn Free Airtime on Jiji (N5,000) Airtime

How to Get Free Airtime on Jiji

You will see different Signup options, Tap on signup with an Email or Facebook account

How to Earn Free Airtime on Jiji (N5,000) Airtime

After successfully registering, You’d need to verify your mail or phone number. So click on Settings, You can find that at the top right of the application.

And Click on “Phone number settings” as shown below and add your mobile number.

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How to Earn Free Airtime on Jiji

After confirming your mobile phone number, You should get something like this as seen below

How to withdraw from JiJi

If you have successfully invited someone and they have completed the required steps, you should have at least N100. Tap Profile, Invite Friends, get N2500, a Redeem button should be available, tap and tap OK once the popup message appears.



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