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How To Become a VBank Agent | Make Money Monthly 200k

How To Become a VBank Agent | Make Money Monthly 200k

VFD has created a unique opportunity and allows you to earn a monthly income from the comfort of your home.

Vbanks also is like other digital banks Alat, Kuda Bank, Chipper Cash, etc. However, Vbank, also called VFD, has many features that these apps don’t have.

“With this mobile bank, you can earn more than 200,000 a month, and I will show you step by step how to do it,” Leading to the headline.

How To Become a VBank Agent

The lowest agent in the VFD can receive N 30,000 per month, while some agents receive more than 2 million Naira per month. Yes, you heard right, it depends on how serious you are.

In short, if you meet all the requirements of a Level 1 representative, you are eligible to receive N 30,000 per month for life.

What Is Vbank (VFD)?

VFD Microfinance Bank is a dynamic financial services organization based in Lagos that operates within the banking microfinance sector.

How To Become a VBank Agent | Make Money Monthly 200k

His experience in management and boards spans more than 50 years and extends to numerous banks and financial institutions across the country.


How to become an agent at VFD Bank

You may be wondering, how is this possible? Can I make money with this? Is it possible to use Vbank as another source of income? Do you earn monthly with Vbank?

The answer is yes, you can do better depending on how determined you are. Before entering the registration process, the following are the requirements.

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Requirement To Become An Agent Of VFD Bank

  • VFD Mobile app II Download Here
  • A working VBank Account
  • And just N2,000 to activate your account as an agent.


Step 1: Click here to download the VFD mobile app.

Step 2: Open the app and enter all the information required for the registration.

Step 3: Paste this code whenever prompted for a sponsor/referral code: ZY33A

Step 4: Now activate your account with funding as low as N2000 (two thousand naira). This N2000 must remain the same for your account to remain active.

Note: You can now register later, activate your account and then log in. However, make sure to activate your account before registering.

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Step 5. Once your account is active, go to https://agent.vbank.ng/auth/signup to register as an agent. Yes, the journey has begun.

With these few easy steps, You’re now an Agent

Your first goal to reach level 1 is to refer 25 people to download the app and sign up. These 25 people can be agents or regulars.

How To Become a VBank Agent

Stop thinking you can’t get referrals and face reality. If you refer 25 people, we are talking about a monthly income that can save you 30,000 naira monthly. It is impressive.


Agent 1: You must have at least 25 active users and Agent’s salary is N 30000 N.

Agent 2: You must have at least 55 active users and the representative fee is N 50000 N.

Agent 3: You must have at least 75 active users and your salary must be N 100000 N at this level.

Agent 4: You must have at least 105 active users and your salary at this level is N 200,000.

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How To Become a VBank Agent

Branch 1: You must have at least 750 active users at this level and your salary is N500000.

Branch 2: You must have at least 2000 active users and your salary at this level is 1 million naira and this is the highest level.

Things To Note As A Vbank Agent

  • You must apply a sponsor code ZY33A at the point of registration.
  • Your account balance should not fall below N2,000 anytime.
  • Your Referrals must keep their account active with a minimum of N2,000 on their balance.
  • If you refer an ordinary customer that is not an agent, if he or she has up to 4000 or more on his or her account, he/she has covered another ordinary customer that doesn’t have up to N2,000 in his/her account.
  • This can be your monthly income, if you have any questions, use the comment box below.

CREDIT: https://vbank.ng/



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