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Garena Free Fire OB33 Update Patch Notes | What do we need to know!

Garena Free Fire OB33 Update Patch Notes | What do we need to know!

Most of the new testing requirements have started on the OB33 Free Fire Advance servers and are now available to all players around the world after the game is over. Fans can download this OB33 update for the first free version of Fire Advance and Deluxe.

This Update has been one of the best updates from Garena Free Fire. Match Making is OP!

Credit Scores 

We show players the result easily and visually by the account number. “We have always believed that survivors who serve tactfully should be recognized and respected, and those who burn and cut should be punished. Now we can fully declare that our vision has become a reality.”

Players whose bad behavior is reported will be deducted 1-4 points from their winnings. Players who make mistakes regularly get additional discounts. Players with a score of less than 90 will be restricted to a CS rating, and players under 80 will be restricted to a BR rating.

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Reporting system improvements

Publicity was better and reactions to the report were easier to follow.

• You can now report other players from the game history page.
• You can now report other players in CS format.
• Adding new promotional reasons.
• The report field for in-game messages has been improved, you can now follow the progress of the report.

In-game Voice chatting report feature

• To protect your privacy, no investigation will take place until the report has been submitted.
• A new function has been added to the current mute button where you can signal the selected player(s) on the spot.
• Once verbal harassment is confirmed, the player will face silent penalties and a drop in credit score.

Garena Free Fire OB33 Update

You can now report inappropriate conversations. “When the players decided to kill their friends in voice chat, they found that few friends could do more than they said. Now they can do it. If they violate community procedures, they can do it. This can lead to punishment and downplaying. VC. ”

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Garena Free Fire OB33 Update

Kenta is a good character on offense and will help break up teams with a lot of resistance.

“Kenta is the most reliable support group. Anger the sniper to drop the weapon and build a shield in front. Friends behind the shield get the best of no minor injuries found. ”

SWORD’S MAN WRATH: Wrath of the Swordsman creates a 5-meter-wide front bumper, reducing frontal weapon damage by 50%. It lasts 2/3/3.5/4/4.5/5 seconds and resets after firing a shot. Cooling: 210/200/190/180/170/160s


Players can get free characters by playing the game in any mode. All existing characters can now be used for free via LINK! Stop paying character fees!

Step 1: Select the character to connect.

Step 2: Make sure you connect to your character.

Step 3: Complete the mission and fill the progress bar.

Step 4: When you’re done, request your character.

Garena Free Fire OB33 Update – READ MORE: https://ff.garena.com/news/article/en/655/



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